I utilize "Google Compass sites" to observe your property and take compass readings that i require to calculate energetic formulas (Flying Stars) that I use to analyze the Chi flow of your home.  Although I prefer to meet a client at their on-site property a Feng Shui consultation on Zoom is effective. I require a floor plan of your main floor and photos you can send by e-mail to me. I will analyze your photos and work with the calculations as I do on site.

 I will send you a "Pre-Consultation" form you can fill out and return to me with information to assist me in making the proper elemental placement and recommendations for better Feng Shui balance according to Traditional Feng Shui theory. This information helps me calculate how your personal Feng Shui energy interacts with your home or business. You will receive an individualized Feng Shui Report e-mailed & you may print and it will give you all the instructions you require to balance the elements and energy in your home or business.

 You will receive on going support via e-mail or phone. I will also supply you with Professional Feng Shui resources you can print and for personal use.

You can e-mail me SherryLBrouzes@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 24hrs.

if you are interested in a remote Feng Shui Consultation.