Clearing Energy in your Home for New Year 2021

New Year is a time to reflect and focus on a fresh new beginning for everyone. The last year of 2020 was indeed a very challenging time. There has been illness, sadness, depression and despair for so many people. Many of these stagnant and negative energies get stuck in our homes. This negative energy can permeate our walls, furniture, floors and carpeting which can make us feel “like something isn’t right”. We all understand the feeling of walking into a space after there has been an argument. The air feels “thick and heavy” because the negative energy has been absorbed into everything in that room.

It has been scientifically proven that even our words and thoughts can produce negative energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto claims these results from tests with water at the freezing point. Emoto claimed if we spoke kindly and loving to the water and played soft music the water formed beautiful crystals. On the flip side when you played harsh music or spoke negative and said unkind things to the water it produced ugly formed crystals.

Example photos of Emoto’s water crystals. Note the Thankyou crystal beside the “I will kill you” crystal”. Amazing isn’t it? Negative energy changes the cellular structure of cells.

For a healthy and happy home, I suggest that you conduct a “Space Clearing” or “Blessing” to your home on a regular basis to create ‘good” Feng Shui in your space.

What is Space Clearing?

It is the art of cleansing or consecrating a space. It is effective for revitalizing the energy in buildings, homes, hospitals, offices and schools. You may even consider Space Clearing your vehicle!

A Space clearing ritual will remove negative and stagnant energy with the goal to improve health, relationships and prosperity.

When is the best time to do a Space Clearing?

- After any type of illness in the family

- After arguments or violence in home

- When you have had visitors that you did not have a ‘good feeling’ about in your home

- After divorce, separations and family disruptions

- Death of a loved one in the home

- If any acts of robberies or violations in your house

- Before a new relationship, a wedding or birth of a baby

- If you notice things are breaking down in the house

- After remodeling or renovating

- When your intuition tells you or a feeling of ‘uneasiness in your spaces”

Some items that can be used to perform a Space Clearing;



Sage to burn


Palo Santo (to burn of use as a spray)

Rose water



Pots and utensils for noise making

Tip: If you would prefer not to use smoke for the Space Clearing Ritual, I suggest using a spray like a Palo Santo spray or an Essential oil spray of high vibrational energy. (Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh)

Once you have decided on your item of choice to use for the Space Clearing it is a good idea to get grounded and protected before the ceremony.

1.To ground yourself imagine being a tree and your roots are travelling down deep to her core. You should speak out loud and state “I am grounded to Mother Earth and safe in her Love.”

2. Before doing a space clearing you should make sure your auric field is cleansed too. Stand up tall with your choice of cleansing tool (sage, spray, bells etc.) go up and down the sides of your body and finishing at the crown of your head. State out loud “I am cleansed of all negative energy with Love and Light”.

3. Protecting your energy is the final step before you perform the ritual. Visualize a beautiful white light surrounding you and state " I AM" Divine.

Pray to the 4 Archangels of the 4 Directions:

This is my favorite prayer that I use as it relates to my Feng Shui practice which includes the 4 Directions.

These are the Archangels of the 4 Directions:

Archangel Uriel of the North

Archangel Michael of the South

Archangel Raphael of the East

Archangel Gabriel of the West

Ask these Archangels to protect you and shield your aura from any negative energy with their shields of light and love to keep you from harm. Thank these 4 Archangels for helping you with this service of love you are performing to be for the highest good for everyone.

Steps to Perform the Space Clearing Ritual:

1. Have your space or home as tidy as possible and uncluttered.

2. Open all the closet doors, cupboards and if possible open the windows depending on the season.

3. Do not have pets or young children in the home at the time of the clearing (they can be in a room where you are not clearing)

4. Have a quick shower before and wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

5. Call in the Angels to protect and Bless you from a place of LOVE to set the intention of clearing

6. Ground yourself to Gaia

7. Begin at your front door walking inside the house with your bells, smoke, or spray etc.

8. From inside your front door or foyer walk in a clock-wise direction going through every room ringing bells or smoke in every corner, every closet, under the sinks and where negative energy or sha collects in the Yin areas. (dark and cool)

9. If you are using chimes you will hear the ringing of the bells get clearer and sweeter sounding as the energy clears out

10. If you are using burning sage you will notice the smoke start to rise straight up when the negative energy is starting to disperse.

11. Walk through every room of the house and do not rush as it is may take the energy is some areas longer to neutralize. Take your time. As you complete each room you may stand at the doorway and do circular patterns with smoke or bells and make a Figure 8 (infinity sign) with your hands before leaving the space to seal the intention of space clearing.

12. Thank the angels and your guides for assisting you.

13. Cleanse your own aura with the bells or smoke up and down your body to your crown one final time.

14. Return your clearing tools where they belong and also thank them for their assistance.

15. I advise you to have a salt-water bath or shower when you return home.

16. Launder your clothing you wore during the space- clearing.

Space Clearing and House Blessings are a beautiful method to bring Peace and Harmony for the New Year.

Now, more than ever our homes are very important with being in Lockdown and working from home.

Your home should be a Sanctuary where you can relax and be supported in all phases of your life.

I wish each and everyone of you a Healthy and Happy New Year 2021!

Until next time,

Be well,

Sherry Brouzes

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