Colour Mirrors Message December 21st 2020

This week I choose to focus on "THE OLIVE WOOD ELEMENTAL" Colour Mirrors Oracle Card.

"You have been working so hard to clear your mind from negative thoughts and your emotional body from past trauma and pain. Now take some time to clear your physical body from toxins and to use this opportunity to create a new physical reality that looks and feels how you need it to serve you." (Moira Bush)

In Feng Shui, the East direction represents the Element of Wood. The East denotes the area of the "Bagua" known as "Health & Family" gua. The energy in the East represented by Wood denotes very energetic growth Chi (energy). This Wood Chi (energy) moves up and outward like the branches of a tree. It represents growth, learning, new beginnings and rejuvenation. This energy can uplift your spirits and your personal Feng Shui and your "aura". The Wood energy reaches out to the Heavens. The East sector of the Bagua also represents the Liver, the organ that filters our physical body.

Yoga and Meditation enthusiasts tend to face the East direction when practicing to harness the unique growth energy of our Sun.


When our health is poor it effects all parts of our life. If we are ill we cannot work therefore we cannot support our families. Health and Family are interconnected. In Feng Shui, the East also brings Descendant's luck. We are connected to our Ancestors. In Spiritual studies many believe that we have deep ties to our Ancestors and /or past lives.

It is important to keep the East area of your home balanced to support you and your Family's Health and well-being.

Feng Shui offers a variety of methods we can carry out to support the East gua of your home by introducing the Wood Element. The East part of your home is a lovely place to add plants and especially soft, broad leafed plants. Bamboo is a lucky plant and represents the strong yet flexible element of Wood. You can always add the Colour green to the East area of your home or your living room. In Feng Shui the colour green represents the Wood element. If you spend many hours in a home office it is suggested to keep plants in the east area if possible.

Art is also a beautiful way to intentionally signify the Wood Element. Photos and artwork of landscapes with large beautiful trees is beneficial.

Bamboo Trees

A Classical Feng Shui Practitioner will analyze the energy patterns of your home and will calculate formulas that determine the placement of the 5 Elements which are Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal according to Classical Feng Shui teachings.

The Colour green creates a detoxifier for us. When we wear the colour green it reminds us of spring and fresh cut grass. Our liver carries suppressed anger and frustrations or resentments. Green is a perfect Colour to help us deal with those emotions. The Colour Mirrors system incorporates Colour Therapy for Spiritual Healing and more.

In Conclusion, Feng Shui and the Colour Mirrors System are excellent tools to support your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health in today's every changing world.

Sherry Brouzes

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