Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards Message

I have chose to focus on the Colour Mirrors Oracle Card "Turquoise Water Element"

The message on this beautiful Oracle Card is "Say What You Feel".

"Turquoise is the colour that brings the blue of the throat and the green of the heart together-heartfelt communication. Often our feelings come from our intellect as we say what we think is appropriate to speak out and avoid speaking the truth of how we really feel in that moment." (quote by Moira Bush)

In Feng Shui the Water Element is one of the 5 Elements. Water is life. Life on

earth begins with water. Human beings are made up of 70% water and is imperative for survival.

The Water Element can be characterized as "Yin" - deep and reflective as a quiet lake. The flip side can be "Yang" as a wild, fast moving river or a waterfalls.

In Feng Shui, a person born under the Water Element characteristic can be described as a "deep thinker" an individual who is seeking reality and at times can seem to have a dark and introverted personality. These individuals may keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Mystery surrounds the water element we can never assume what is going on "underneath the surface." The Water Element individual's tendencies may at times exhibit sadness or slow, lingering motion. Water element people at times go 'within' and as the Colour Mirrors Oracle Card suggests a Water Element person may never "verbalize what they truly feel."

(In Traditional Feng Shui a person's "Element " is based on their birth year, month and gender. It is called your "personal trigram" energy.)

In Feng Shui, if the Water Element is unbalanced in the home or structure we dwell in it can effect our emotional and physical well being. The "flow" of life may be erratic or "up and down."

When there is too little of the Water Element in your home you feel may isolated, depressed, and even disconnected from our spiritual well-being.

When the Water Element is too prominent in your home you may feel as though you need to work harder in your career or even have control issues and lacking a 'grounded' foundation.

Water element Deep and Reflective

The "Turquoise Water Elemental Oracle Card" identifies with its message a very critical imbalance of the Water Element by an individual not "Saying What You Feel".

If the Water Element is unbalanced it can affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

A very effective way to balance the Water element in your home and life is to introduce the beautiful colour of turquoise for yourself and your surroundings. Décor that represents water such as artwork that depicts turquoise lakes is a good method. Add more blue to your wardrobe. Eat more blue foods like blueberries.

In Traditional Feng Shui practice there are specific areas where you place water inside and outside your home to balance the Water Element. This placement of the Water element is determined by energies that change annually around February 4th. A Certified Classical Feng shui consultant calculates these energies with elemental & magnetic formulas from Chinese Masters of ancient times.

The Colour Mirrors Oracle card "Turquoise Water Elemental" will support you to release the fear of speaking your truth and allowing others to benefit from your words.

In conclusion, Feng Shui can bring the balance you require in your home to support your "Inner Feng Shui" to allow you to "Say What You Feel".

until next time,


Sherry Brouzes

Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Colour Mirrors Oracle Consultant & Reader

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