Colour Mirrors Monthly Oracle Card Message for August

Today I have chosen one of the 44 cards of the beautiful Colour Mirrors Oracle Card deck called "Turquoise Dragon". Turquoise Dragon is #23 "The Future". (created by Moira Bush).

When a 'Dragon" card shows up in a reading the message signifies that the "dragon card" is giving you a "shout out" to grab your attention. "Dragons ensure that they are heard through any level of dense foggy consciousness."

There is so much going on in the world now with the Covid-19 pandemic and fear of our children returning to school in September. The International Protests for equality in the Human Race are popping up in cities everywhere.

This card reveals much of what is happening now in 2020.

"This dragon crosses the quantum fields of time and space and sees into the future. You are asked now with very clear intent, to envision and feel what you want for your future. Begin with the planet, imagine how you want the planet to look, the oceans, rivers, mountains, deserts, forests. How healthy and abundant do you want the animal species to be in your new world, write it down.

Then bring your focus to HUMANITY. What type of leaders would you like to see in in charge, how do they communicate and support each other. How happy and free are the children in your new world? Anything is possible in your imagination.

Then bring your focus to your own life. How do you fit into that beautiful and perfect environment you have created? See and feel yourself being the happiest you have ever been, in the most stunningly awesome place that you helped to co-create with your love and faith.

NOW IS A TIME FOR GREAT FAITH, everything will work out and perfectly, just as it always has." (Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards #23 "Turquoise Dragon)

Be well everyone and remember to keep love in your heart.

Most of all for everyone we must Keep our Faith in Love and Hope.

until next time,

Sherry Brouzes


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