Harmonize Your Christmas Holidays with Colourful Feng Shui

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The Christmas Holidays can be a wonderful time to gather with family and friends and celebrate the end of another year. On the flip side the Holiday season can be a sad and lonely time for many folks. In Feng Shui, this bittersweet emotion is comparable to "Yin" and "Yang" polarities.

The Holidays are a very "Yang" season with the vibrant coloured lights, the chaos in the shopping malls, the never ending Christmas songs that evoke happy or sad memories and the worry of overspending and overindulgence.

When decorating your home for the Season you should take into account that your home will be very "Yang". By using the principles in Classical Chinese Feng Shui of "Yin"-"Yang" we can reduce the effect of overwhelm during the season.

Energy (Chi) flows better when their is balance in our environment. Good Chi flow is enhanced when the 5 elements (earth, water, metal, wood and fire) are in proper sync. Each of the five elements is represented by a specific colour and is one method Feng Shui Practitioners utilize to bring balance into a space.

We all know how colour can change our feelings and even promote action in human behavior. Colour is a light source based on frequency and vibrations. Light is energy. Colour is energy. Colour can be absorbed into the skin cells and deeper tissue. Colour is used by many Holistic Practitioners as an excellent tool to heal people physically, emotionally & on the spiritual level. We can equate personal energy as our "Inner Feng Shui."

Feng Shui & Colour :

We all react to the colour red on a physical level. Too much red can create aggressive & restless behavior. Decorating your home with too much of the color red can cause overstimulation and can cause stress for everyone including children to be hyperactive. Too much red may increase our blood pressure by activating blood flow. Red is a dominant colour choice during the Holiday Season. In Feng Shui the colour red represents the Fire element.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, I would like to suggest keeping strong red colours in balance with other colours on the spectrum. Colours such as blue, white and silver which have a "cooling" effect. Blue has a cooling and trusting effect on us. Blue is also the colour of communication. Black and dark colours can add more "Yin". (Please note I am using the phrase "yin" in this case to describe "cool").

Having difficulty deciding on what Christmas gift to buy? Yellow, the colour of sunshine and life force can reduce mental confusion. Yellow is the colour of an earth element in Feng Shui and is very grounding. Why not wear something yellow while shopping? You may also use a yellow highlighter to outline the never ending list of Christmas chores. Yellow gives our mind more clarity and focus. The colour yellow has a cleansing effect on the mind and body which is very soothing. Spritz some lemon essential oil around your home and on yourself for a quick boost of energy and self-confidence !

A lovely way to bring colour into your home at Christmas is an orange pomander with cloves. The happy colour of orange is friendly and outgoing. Place a bowl of 8 or 9 Orange pomanders in a bowl for a burst of fun creativity ! ( The numbers 8 and 9 in Feng Shui are auspicious)

Gold represents success & abundance. Place those shiny gold baubles in the Southeast area of your home. In Classical Chinese Feng Shui you must use a compass in order to get a true direction. You can usually find the directions of your home when you stand and look out your front door. Now, there are times when the "facing" of your house is not where your front door is but the area that is the most "YANG" meaning busy or has a large open space such as a lake or golf course. Its best to have a professional Feng Shui Consultant verify this for you. Below is a photo of the Classical Feng Shui Bagua (or grid).

Green is a relaxing colour and can help calm feelings of anxiety during the Holidays. Green is very soothing on the eyes so beneficial for reading and resting. Green represents the wood element in Feng Shui which is symbolized by the beloved Christmas Tree. The colour of green signifies healing, new beginnings and growth which is a beautiful metaphor to commence the New Year. Green is the colour in Feng Shui associated with the East.

Happy New Year 2020 !!!!!!!!

2020 The Year of the White Metal Rat will be a very challenging year personally and globally. We all require getting "grounded." In Feng Shui the colours of the Earth element include brown, orange, yellow, and terra- cotta colours. Use earth tones in the New Year when you need some extra stability in your life or in business. Place items of earth tone colours in the center of your home or living area to enhance "grounding" action. The center of your house is represented by the earth element in Feng Shui Bagua. It can be as simple as adding a bouquet of yellow flowers or a terra-cotta planter to enhance the earth element in your home. An alternative enhancement could be adding an earth toned area rug in the center of a living space to increase the grounding effect in your home.

In Conclusion:

In Feng shui, it is all about living with what you love in your home. These suggestions I have discussed here are Feng Shui guidelines to help you harmonize your personal "Chi" as well as your home's "Chi" over the Festive season. Remember to have fun decorating and let those Christmas bells ring to call in fresh Heavenly "Chi". Sound is in an excellent way to activate positive Chi in the environment by raising the vibration of a space.

Keep an area in your home clutter free where you can relax with a warm beverage or glass of wine after a day of shopping or attending the children's Christmas concert. Remember to take some time out for You. Self-care is extremely important for reducing stress and to balance your personal energy and spirit.

The main objective in Feng Shui practice is harnessing the best energy in our environment so we human beings may live on earth in the most Heavenly way for our Highest Good.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2019 and a Successful and Happy New Year 2020 !!!!!!!!!

Sherry Brouzes

Feng Shui Consultant

Serene Energy Feng Shui


Red Ribbon Professional of the International Feng Shui Guild

Please note Classical Chinese Feng Shui is complicated and has many layers. It has been studied by Ancient wise Chinese Masters for thousands of years.


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