Landscaping and Feng Shui

May 8th 2019

Landscaping and Feng Shui

I practice Traditional Feng Shui that requires a Compass or "Luo Pan" to analyze the energy of a home. My water feature is placed in the Southwest sector of the "Bagua" or "energy map" in our backyard garden. I have attached an image of the Compass Bagua for you to visualize. In Feng Shui the Compass Bagua can be superimposed over a floorplan or something as small as your desk. The Southwest sector of the Bagua signifies Relationships, Marriage and Love.

This is a lovely area to sit in our gazebo and swings in our backyard.

As I write this blog and discuss Feng Shui and harmony I must admit our gazebo and water feature create a peaceful vibe. Water is very auspicious in Feng Shui as it represents Wealth and Good Fortune. After all, what brings more love and happiness than swinging outside in a warm summer breeze? You can relax with your own thoughts or share the bliss of nature with company listening to the bubbling water as it pours over the fountain.

I have shared many special moments in our cedar domed gazebo in the warm days of summer. It is our little oasis where many of our travel destinations evolved or we just want to sit and "BE" as we sit and enjoy nature in our garden together. When we moved to this area of Niagara from northern Ontario we wanted to bring our gazebo and swings back to replicate our time on Lake Ramsey.

Before our Feng Shui Landscaping

Landscaping should be the jewel surrounding the home. Feng Shui design tools can help achieve these goals. We can use colors in our flowers and trees for pleasing visual scenes, the sense of sound can be enhanced with water features, birds chirping and chimes blowing in the breeze. Our sense of smell is heightened with the fragrances of the fresh cut grass or flowering trees and plants. Lighting is also a very beautiful way to create ambience in the evenings for outside entertaining. The variety of landscaping we choose such as mulch, river rocks, grass and textiles we use for our outside patio furniture & decorations can create a plethora of joyful sensations.

It is our environment that brings joy into our life. Feng Shui is an ancient practice of energy flow & when practiced correctly will create a home or business that will support and nurture everyone.

Until next time,

Happy Feng Shui !

Sherry Brouzes

Our Backyard Gazebo and Swings.

You can also bring love and happiness to your garden and home with Feng Shui. Give it a try !

Before and After My Feng Shui Backyard Oasis