Serene Energy Feng Shui Weekly Message with Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards --May 27th-June 3rd-

Updated: May 28

This week I have chosen the Colour Mirrors Oracle Card #11 "GOLD I AM".

Claiming your authentic power.

"Where do you still give your power away? Is it to addictions, habitual excuses, to other people, to fears? The biggest fear for humanity is to embrace authentic power- based on love. Gold will help you dig deep into your cellular programming and bring to the conscious mind those patterns that still keep you small and in fear."

Over the last few weeks I have described the significance of energetic balance between our personal energy and the energy of our homes & our workplace. In order to feel grounded and centered these two energies must be free from blockages.

In Feng Shui, when a specific area of our "Bagua" (energy map of our home or any structure) is "blocked" it spills over into one of the 9 areas of the "Bagua" that relate to our life.

There are 9 areas of the Bagua and they each are assigned a direction, number and colour and more. (The Bagua Map is placed over the floor-plan of your house after calculating directions & magnetic energy flow to identify blockages)

One method in Feng shui to enhance auspicious energy and deter negative energy is to use one or more of the 5 elements . Placing and timing is also a key factor in energy flow.

9 Sectors of the Bagua

In Feng Shui practice a Feng Shui Practitioner can use the "Chakra System" to identify blockages in a person's physical body. The 9 Sectors of the Bagua Map correlate with the 7 Main Chakras.

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy/light. Chakras have the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels.

Today, I am discussing the "Solar Plexus" Chakra & the South area of the Bagua. The South area of the Bagua Map is called "Fame/Recognition/Success/Enlightenment". The "Solar Plexus" is based on your "Personal Power" Chakra.

The Colour Mirrors Oracle Card I chose this week is "GOLD I AM" (Claiming your authentic Power).

In Feng Shui, if the South area of your home is not balanced or has too much clutter it can keep your personal life or business from flourishing.

You will have a difficult time getting your "the word out". The "South" area of your home if blocked may cause you to have a difficult time being authentic or your true self. Your self-esteem may suffer. The Solar Plexus Chakra can be known as your "personal power" area. When something holds you back in Feng Shui it is usually magnetic forces of the earth and how that energy flows in specific directions in your home.

The International Feng Shui School

The Chakra area of the body that relates to the South direction of the Bagua is known as the "Solar Plexus". If that area of your body is blocked (beneath your breast bone and above your navel) you will also have trouble being authentic and claiming personal power.

How do we unblock these areas of the Bagua and our Chakras to bring balance and harmony?

In order to work with energy of your home or business a Feng Shui Practitioner will audit your home to find where blockages are and suggest remedies that will support you to bring balance back to your environment. Feng Shui has many layers that a Practitioner can utilize to enhance energy flow. "Chi" (Chi is the universal energy in all things) flow is effected by Yin & Yang, 5 elements, energy of the magnetic directions and how these energies of the environment (home or business) affects people that occupy the space. (Home or place of work). The goal of Feng Shui is to enhance the positive energy & to suppress challenging energies where we spend much of our time sleeping, working and relaxing.

When our "Solar Plexus" chakra is blocked we may have a fear of power & fear of being visible.

The South area of the Bagua is known as the "Fame & Reputation/Recognition" area of the Bagua. The South area of your home or the South area of an office where you work is blocked it may be more difficult to get your "name out there" as a business or even if you would like to enhance your personal life.

You can see the connection between your personal Chakra energy and your environmental energy (Feng Shui).

I practice Classical Feng Shui using Directions and calculations based on

the teachings of the ancient Chinese Masters. Feng Shui is a vast body of knowledge on how we can harness positive Chi and neutralize negative Chi.

How do we unblock our Chakras? Reiki, Crystal therapy & Colour Therapy are a few of the excellent tools for opening (unblocking energy flow in our body) our Chakras. Physical pain is one of the side effects of a blocked Chakra. (Colour Mirrors System). For example, if your Solar Plexus is blocked you may have digestive issues. Chakras may become blocked due to past or present experiences or traumas in your life.

Colour Mirrors is one of the therapeutic modalities to heal blockages in our Chakra system. I chose the 'GOLD I AM " Colour Mirrors Oracle Card for the Weekly message as an example of how an array of Gold colours can help us break old patterns that keep us small and afraid to 'SHINE OUR LIGHT".

In conclusion, everything is connected and alive. We are always in flux. We are living in stressful times. Our personal energy & our homes that reflect our personal energy. Feng Shui Practitioners and Colour Therapists can work individually or in sync with you to help you heal yourself and your home decreasing stressors in your life.

Until next time,

Love & Good Health,

Sherry Brouzes

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Red Ribbon Professional


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