The Colours of Feng Shui

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

We are a few days into a new season of Spring and for many of us our thoughts revolve around spring cleaning, yardwork, painting and "sprucing up" our homes with a fresh new look.

Spring is a time or rebirth and renewal and new beginnings.

In Feng Shui, the season of spring is represented by the element Wood which is symbolized by the Colour green, floral shapes, tall vertical lines, plants and the actual wood element.

As a Feng Shui Consultant one of the frequent requests from clients is to recommend colour choices to paint the rooms in their home.

Certified Feng Shui Consultants are trained in Colour Psychology and can use that knowledge to implement a good choice of colours to use in areas of the home that require specific elemental remedies depending on the principles of Traditional Feng Shui which include Compass directions and other calculations of energy flow.

Colour choices can invoke a strong and deep reaction to individuals. Colours can attract or repel depending on past experiences and even on a deeper spiritual level.

We all are aware that the colour red represents a strong and fiery element. It signifies passion and attracts energy. Red maybe a good choice for some locations in your home however, it may be a very negative choice for some rooms depending on the magnetic energy flow in a specific space.

As a Feng Shui Consultant we must create a positive outcome for our clients and so their choice of a specific colour can be integrated into the design. With so many colour choices today that can be used on walls or accessories it is easy to accommodate the client's desires.

I advise clients to become familiar with the 5 element cycle used in Feng Shui. I will bring that information to you on a Consultation. I will explain the elemental cycle to you and discuss the aspects of Yin and Yang to promote harmony in the home.

Feng Shu & The 5 Elemental Cycle

A Feng Shui Consultant is well trained on specific principles of colour psychology and the energetic vibration of every colour. You can be assured that you will be provided with the best advice for your personal goals to create a home with well balanced energy and positive Feng Shui.

If you would like more information please contact me to make an appointment for a complimentary phone call.

Until next time,

Sherry L. Brouzes

Certified Feng Shui Consultant