The Fire Element in Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese Masters developed theories to study how all things are connected and how these individual energies relate to one another to create balance and harmony in the environment around us. This Theory is known as The Five Elements. (known as Wu Xing).

These 5 Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood. These 5 Elements and their energetic cycles can assist us to understand how the interactions of all things are intertwined in the environment & the universe.

The Five Elements (phases) represent the 5 energies in nature and also in our body (Chinese Medicine) and also in Chinese Astrology. The 5 Elements and Yin/Yang support all of the Chinese Metaphysical Studies.

When we have all 5 elements balanced in our dwellings & places of business we will have a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

"Set Your Life on Fire. Seek those who fan your Flames"....--Rumi--

(Today, I will discuss the Fire Element )

Compass/ Intentional Feng Shui Bagua

In Feng Shui if you would like to activate the "Fame and Reputation" area of your home (home of the Fire Element) or business to increase success in your life this can be accomplished with artwork and what you see on your walls every day. Hang artwork that depicts horses & other strong animals that symbolize power and strength on the south wall of your home. The photos of horses should be running into your home not away from your home because that symbolizes the energy coming into your space and not out of your space. The south area of your living room or office where you spend much time also represents "Fame and Reputation." This will activate the Fire Element and increase your good luck and fortune.

Symbols that represent the Fire Element are : Candles,Triangles, stars, pyramids, tall pointed shapes and all things that depict human or animal deco's or artwork.

The Fire Element in Feng Shui is represented in Human body parts such as the Heart, eyes, small intestines and blood vessels.

Symbols that represent the Fire Element are : Candles, Triangles, stars, pyramids, tall pointed shapes and all things that depict human or animal deco's or artwork. our environment to activate the fire element. Finally, the colour red represents the fire element in all Feng Shui practice.

In Feng Shui, Red Candles represent the Fire Element

An overuse of the fire element in an environment can stimulate aggression, arguing, impatience, impulsive behavior or emotional burnout.

The Fire Element must be in balance with the other elements to achieve proper harmony in your space.

A trained Feng Shui Practitioner can help you balance the Fire element properly.

Allow the element of Fire in the South direction of your home to enhance how you "Let your Light Shine to the World."

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Sherry Brouzes

Serene Energy Feng Shui

"These tips may not coincide with Flying Stars Feng Shui as different remedies may be required with Traditional Feng Shui School Practice."


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